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When you’re in need of cash, we want to help you. We have a list of lenders who are available to review your request. When we receive your online inquiry, we’ll share it with those lenders to see who can help you. You could get a quick payday loan that you can use for anything you need – without restrictions! Find out more now by sending us your online request form.

Fast cash when you need it urgently

If you’re in urgent need of a fast loan, you shouldn’t have to wait a long time to find out if your request is accepted. Our lenders will review your inquiry form and make fast contact.

Always Available

Don’t wait until working hours to request a payday loan. Go onto our website at any hour of the day or night to send us your request. We are available to help.

No hidden fees and no obligations

When you send your inquiry form to us at Trust Payday Loans, you can enjoy our free referral service. After being accepted and receiving an offer, you’re not obligated to sign it if it’s not what you want.

What You Should Know About Payday Loans

Available 24/7 for your convenience

We know that not everyone can fit their tasks into a daily schedule, but with payday loans it’s not necessary. Even though the form only takes a few minutes to fill in and submit, you can do it during the night as well. Don’t let strict office hours keep you from contacting us at any hour, during the day or the night!

Quick online process

The form you need to start on your payday loan is online, so you can access it whenever you are ready. Besides an internet connection, all you need is a smartphone, laptop or tablet and you can easily fill in the quick form. Send it to us and we’ll get started.

Access to Lenders

We are happy to share our lenders with you! When we receive your online inquiry form, we’ll share your needs with them. After a quick review, you could be contacted by one of those lenders with a payday loan offer to sign. You can read through the loan details and sign it to get your cash.

Do you have more questions about payday loans? Let us help.

There are several differences between personal loans and payday loans. Payday loans are for smaller amounts and have a shorter term. The term is normally connected to when your next paycheck is due. When your salary rolls in, it will be used to repay your payday loan. So while payday loans are smaller in value and for a shorter time period, you won’t be left with monthly payments, as in a personal loan. Payday loans are meant to be paid back all at once. Personal loans can be for higher amounts, longer terms and paid back with monthly payments.

The actual amount you can borrow is between you and your lender. However, what is relevant to the lender is your expected salary. There is a correlation between how much you will get in your next paycheck and how large your payday loan will be.

You will need to fill in the inquiry form with your basic details, such as name, address, phone number, etc. The lender will let you know what documents are needed, but they can include such basic items as a driver’s license or state ID, proof of residence and your salary information.

It doesn’t usually take long, because lenders will give a quick review. The total amount of time could depend on when you send us your inquiry form. If you send it to us now, we will begin.

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